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Inspired by different cultures, trends, seasons, and artworks that showcase products from countries around the world.


To our Dear Bellas,




This hijab comes in five flattering colors with beautiful tropical print. It is made of lightweight and breathable fabric known as Viscose. It also drapes well. Grab this to add a touch of print on your plain outfit.



Fall in love with this lightweight chiffon shawl which is perfect for everyday use. It adds a touch of elegance to your outfit. Its perfect size and right amount of thickness allow for a variety of styling. 






Message from Bellas

One of the many reasons why I like Yelena is the effort they exert to satisfy their consumers. From going on a trip to different countries to make sure that they provide us the best quality of products, to their well-organized content that's aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of the viewers/customers. Aside from that, they are very accommodating to their customers.


Yelena treats her customers right. The whole service is amazing!! They go the extra mile just to give and discover high-quality products for hijabis and skin care lovers <3 The presentation is extremely pleasing as well. The owners’ dedication is spot on and every line that they release is beautiful!


The quality of the product and the feed is promising. Every girl would want to ask for are here! Skincare & Hijabs! Perf!!!


From the style, cloth, and colors of your pieces, I totally like them! I think, I love them! I like that you spoil everyone of us and inspire us to be modest. And I love that you let us spend our money with NO GUILT because we know, InshaAllah, that what we spend is for our deen. I like it that you ask us what we want and provide it for us. (You the best!) I like that you make the hijab shopping so hassle free! Thank you for spoiling us in the best possible way.


I just love Yelena's products for they were clearly chosen very wisely. They offer only the best of the best! The brand, and the quality... 100%! Yelena always make sure that their items are beautiful, classy and worth it! Another thing that amaze me is they procure their items from around the world! And the way they display their items is a plus point! Classy and chic as always.


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